Sunday, August 26, 2007

Snake Bite

Baby Rattlesnake

This is the entrance to the rehearsal room

In the box after the Fire Department caught it

Signing a "Get Well" Card

Hi everyone - - I have a few extra minutes right now because rehearsal was postponed due to Mrs. Tennessee getting struck by a rattlesnake. It was right by the entrance to our rehearsal. She is going to be fine, but was taken to the hospital just to be sure. Very Scary! Rehearsal will be a different location today. Our thoughts are with her for a quick recovery.


Larry said...

Wow. Just read this story on Kudo's to you for helping out! Good luck in your contest!

On a side note, you are very pretty! I had to look twice at your age!!!


Larry from MN.

Kwame said...

Have you figured out yet which contestant planted the snake?

Anonymous said...


Derek Burress said...

Was there like a ton of bushes or something near the door or what?

P.Fletcher said...

You are absolutely beautiful ! Hope you win.! Good Luck!! Regards,P. Fletcher from Louisiana

Anonymous said...

can i smell your scent? no need to remove your panties, just brush that thing close to my face.