Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cowgirl Up!!!

Today we went horseback riding - - awesome! The view was breathtaking! My horse was named "BUCK" (there you go Brandon!!!) and he was so good. There was a real cowboy breakfast waiting for us after about an hour trail ride and then we rode back to the ranch. Once there we tried our luck at team pinning and horsehoes - - not so great at either one! The most eventful thing for me was having my horse slam me into a cactus. My leg is swollen and turning black! I have been icing it and hoping that it doesn't get any worse. It doesn't really hurt anymore but I have a very ugly leg for swimsuit competition - - lots of makeup!
The Arizona Daily Star interviewed me today also. They were mostly interested in how I am handling the schedule (fine!), the fact that I have the most children (5) and what I am loving about being here (no laundry)
Having a great time! Thanks to everyone for their love and support!

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