Friday, August 31, 2007

Get it Straight!!!

With my Scavenger Hunt Gals

In the pool, fully clothed - - for a 2nd time!

I thought this was good enough!

Beautiful Orchids from my sweet husband

Mrs. Arkansas & I in our "RIVAL" clothes.

Her team's coach (Houston Nutt) used to coach the Broncos.

Mrs. Wyoming & I enjoy a little tennis!

I just want to clarify that none of the news reporters have checked their facts very well. I am not an RN, I did not pull a snake fang from Mrs. Tennessee's foot and I did not suck the venom out. Yes, I was there and yes I did take lots of pictures (what can you expect from a scrapbooker) but that is it. I have posted pictures of the snake on my blog, but the pictures of Christina are not going to be posted by me. I took them for her and she will decide what to do with them. Just goes to show you that what you see and hear from the media is often very wrong.

On a lighter note - - I am having a wonderful time at Mrs. America. What an experience! This morning we had golf & tennis challenges. Again, I stunk, but had a great time driving the golf cart around! As a tribute to my favorite college football team (BSU Broncos) I dressed in the Blue & Orange! I might have missed the home opener last night, but they were close to my heart today! Congrats on a "Blowout" game!

We also had a scavenger hunt. Again, I did not win the challenge, but had a blast anyway. I was lucky enough to get to be the one to go in the pool with all of my clothes on! I did it quickly, ran out and continued on with the hunt. When we were almost done we realized that I had to be in all the way to my neck - - so back in I went! We had a ton of fun!


Claire said...

The news article I read said that Mrs. IOWA pulled the snake fang out of her foot; not Mrs. Idaho. Scary stuff no matter who was there! I do, however, hope the snake was relocated & not killed. Good Luck to all!!

Anonymous said...

Hi mom