Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Making my own tortilla!

Didn't look quite as good as the professionals, but it tasted wonderful!

This felt like home! When we are with Marc's family we love the music!!!

We spent the entire day in Mexico! So fun!!! Right after we crossed the border, (1 1/2 hour drive) the bus stopped and we were greeted by the paparazzi! There were so many news reporters and camera crews - - it was crazy! We were met by dignatarie of Nogales, Sonora who took us on a short walking tour of their city and then to a restaurant for drinks, nachos and chimichungas. We also got to have a few minutes of shopping - - not nearly enough time!!! After that we boarded the bus again and headed way out of town to a ranch. Once we turned off the pavement, we had to take a very narrow and very rough road. It took 40 minutes to travel 6.5 miles. It was worse than any roller coaster I have ever been on! The ranch was gorgeous and we were able to make homemade tortillas, paint ostrich eggs and make cheese. They had a wonderful buffet lunch and of course the Marichi's!!! It was such a fun time! The ride back was almost uneventful until they had to inspect our bus at the border. Everyone had to get off and sit in a little holding area for 30 minutes. We passed with flying colors and were back on the road!

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