Sunday, August 19, 2007

Send-Off Party

My Send-Off Party - - Beautiful!!!

A little about me!

Past Mrs. Idaho America Contestants

Angela Boyle, Me, Karen Klein

Past Mrs. Idaho Winners

Amanda Peterson, Mandi Feely, Me, Liz Amar, Vicki Benson

With little Miss Feely!

Karen & Chris Klein - -Thank you for opening your home!

My mom & dad!

My son Grant - - broke or sprained his foot during the party. We are off to the ER to find out!
Just one more small thing before I head to Tucson!

My wonderful husband Marc

with my friends Jolene & Vicki

With my Grandma Mann

Marc and some of our great friends from our hometown Parma

WOW!!! What a night! I was completely overwhelmed by the support of my friends. There were almost 180 people who came to wish me good luck. THANK YOU!!! Karen Klein, Mrs. Nampa, was kind enough to host the party at her home and Liz Amar was incredible in the planning. So many of the Mrs. Idaho America contestants helped to make this such a nice evening for me and for my family. Thanks to everyone who brought salads, dessert, decorations etc. I also want to thank MaryAnn Adamson and Peggy Ricker for making all of the incredible deli sandwhiches. (MaryAnn used to own a Deli and still owns Harvest Classic Bakery). There was a silent auction that raised $1100 towards my Mrs. America expenses - - thank you to everyone who donated items and also to everyone who bid. I just can't express enough how much I truly love and appreciate each of you and for your endless support. Knowing that you believe in me is an amazing feeling! I will be updating my blog during the next two weeks - - stay tuned!!!!

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