Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mrs. Idaho International

Deanna, Me, Liz, Jennifer

Lots of Royalty!!!
Amanda Peterson, Mrs. Idaho 2004

The Mrs. Idaho America Group!!!

Congratulating the new Mrs. Idaho International

Vicki Benson, Mrs. Idaho International 2007

Brittney Frick, Miss International

Another appearance today!!! Several of us went to the Mrs. Idaho International Pageant to support our good friend Vicki Benson - -(Mrs. Idaho America 2001) She looked fabulous and she won! I am so happy for her! It was fun to see Deanna, Jennifer Liz and Debby - - contestants from Mrs. Idaho America. Also, 6 past Mrs. Idaho America's were there. It was quite a reunion! I love that I will always be a part of the "Past Mrs. Idaho's!" After the pageant we all went to dinner at Chapalas Mexican Restaurant. Good Times!!!

Nampa's 41st annual "Parade America"

Look at my support group!!!!

Along the parade route with McCall (Marc driving & M'Kay in front seat)

The Columbia High School Wrestlers were with me in the parade!!!


My children + one extra wreslter (Autsin Powell with sunglasses)

What's a parade without a clown!!!

McCall & I enjoying our first parade as Mrs. Idaho (and darling little miss!)

Look who was at the parade!!! McCall's best friends & our neighbors . . . Courtney, Paige & Aubrey Thueson

This morning started bright and early with our Columbia High School Wrestling Fundraiser. Marc & the boys were at the yard sale/car wash at 7:00am while McCall & I got ready for the parade. Some of the wrestlers walked the parade route with me and handed out flyers to direct people to the fundraiser. This was truly a family event since McCall got to ride with me, my wonderful husband Marc drove and my boys walked along side. It was long and a little warm - - but so fun to be in my hometown parade! Thanks Nampa!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Race for the Cure

Mrs. Idaho Staff & Contestants - - Breakfast at Sher's

My mom & daughter

Anytime Fitness Owner & Staff


Running Man

Michelle Edmonds - - Channel Six

Signature Board

Signature Board

A couple of cute fans - - along the race route

Borah High "Cure Leaders"

Michelle Taylor, Suzanne Buchanan, Gloria Mann, McCall, Me, Beverly Christensen

Today was the Komen "Race for the Cure" Event!!! Several of the staff and contestants participated on the Mrs. Idaho America Team and we had a great time. It was so much fun to get to see everybody again. The day started early with breakfast at Sher's house (thanks so much for the fruit & muffins - - you are awesome!) After a few group photos, (we absolutely cannot do anything together without cameras) we all headed down to the race. Thank heavens for modern day technology - - namely cell phones! There were over 13,000 race participants this year. We were all able to find each other near the main stage and then waited until it started. We decided to be the last ones to take off and not get sandwiched in between so many people. We strolled along at our own pace and had a really good time catching up with everyone. I was so lucky to have my mom in her pink survivor shirt and my sweet daughter along for the day. It was overwhelming to see the number of racers out to support the cause. I felt bad that I didn't get a chance to tell everyone good bye, but it was hard to stick together. Beverly saved the day when my camera ran out of batteries - - you would have thought she was my own mother - - making get great pictures for this blog. Thanks Bev! Stay tuned for the next post -- and Happy Mother's Day to you all!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Komen Survivor Dinner

"Fill In" Emcee

My mom and I

BSU Athletic Director, Gene Bleymeir & Wife Danelle --Honorary "Race for the Cure" Chairmen
Guest Speaker - - Dr. Vincent Kituku

Mom & I with Brenda Williams, Survivor Dinner Chairman

With a very PINK survivor

Tonight was a GREAT night!!! My mom and I attended the Komen Survivor's Dinner at the Boise Center on the Grove. It was first class all the way. When we first walked in, there were trees lit up with pink lights - - so cool. Then, when we entered the main room there were probably 60+ round tables set to perfection! Every single chair was covered in a gorgeous, full-length satin cover with a hot pink organza bow tied around the back. There were lights hanging from the ceiling, centerpieces - - no detail was left untouched. Komen really knows how to throw a celebration!!! The silent auction tables were amazing - - you would not believe the generous donations. Several women (including myself) modeled clothing from Coldwater Creek and I loved mine so much that I bought it to take to Tucson!!! After a really nice dinner we were honored to hear from Dr. Vincent Kituku. When he was finished, the live auction began. It was so neat to see people dig deep into their pockets and support this great cause. Near the end of that, the emcee, Michelle Edmonds from Channel 6, told me that she had to get back to the station to broadcast the news and asked if I would finish out the evening. I was honored to do so! Congratulations to all of the survivors!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Coldwater Creek Komen Event

With Jeannie, Linda & Mary--Komen Board of Directors

Jill--Manager of Coldwater Creek

Amazing Cake!!!

Last night was my first official appearance!!! I attended the Fashion Show event at Coldwater Creek in the mall. 10% of all sales went to Komen for the Cure. They really went all out with balloons, a beautiful cake, discounts, raffles and gifts. It was fun to see Linda, Mary and Jeannie from the Komen office. I will be modeling for Coldwater on Thursday at the Breast Cancer Survivor's Dinner so I was able to select my outfit while I was there. It was a fun night!!!