Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCall Winter Carnival

This year's theme for the Snow Sculptures was "Wild, Wild West"

Check out the detail - - unbelievable!

Grant, M'Kay & McCall were able to go with me! They had so much fun playing in the snow.

The new Winter Carnival Queen

Eating a WARM Elephant Ear

Waving in the Snow!!!

This parade gets two thumbs up!!!

This weekend was the McCall Winter Carnival. We headed up to McCall on Friday afternoon and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Clear blue skies - - sun shining. We didn't even have to wear a coat. Then the sun went down!!! I was asked to crown the Winter Carnival Queen and her Princesses. It was a fun event - - but FREEZING! The atmosphere was really fun with lots of music, vendors and people. We got the kids a treat and then headed back to the hotel to swim and sit in the hot tub. The kids loved it. It started snowing during the night and never let up. The next morning was the parade - - I had a close to perfect hair day until the parade started. I stood out the sun roof and experienced my very first parade in a blizzard! I must admit though - - it was the best parade ever. There were so many people and they were so excited as my car drove by. Even though I ended up soaking wet with stringy hair - - I loved it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Parma New Beginnings

I was honored to be asked to be the guest speaker for Parma's New Beginnings. The theme for their event was "A Night at the Emmy's" and each of the girls dressed in formal gowns, walked the red carpet and accepted their "statue." Marc & I were the emcees and were able to share how each of the these beautiful young women were "Steadfast & Immovalbe" in their lives.

With some more of the young women from Parma

This is my Grandma Mann. She came to listen to me as well as my mom and a couple of my young women leaders from when I was a teenager.

The event was decorated beautifully. Each of the new girls received a rose and all of the girls received this Willow Tree as their statue. It was such a nice evening!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lot of Appearances - - Lots of Pictures

Fesitval of the Trees
Scott, Mandi, Lauralyn & Marc

With Governor Butch Otter

OK - - so these pictures didn't publish in the right order & I can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry! There are more Festival Pictures below!


Kuna Young Women

My friend Heidi Williamson asked me to speak to the Young Women in Kuna for their Personal Progress Kick-Off.

Kuna Young Women


Humanitarian Bowl Hospital Visits

Larry Maneely, president, Board of Directors of the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame, invited me accompany football players from Fresno State & Georgia Tech at St. Lukes, St. Als and the Veteran's Hospital. I ended up at St. Luke's Pediatrics and it was amazing to see the faces of those children light up when we came into the room. Marc & the boys were able to come along as well and the boys loved getting to hang out with all of the players. Fresno was kind enough to get hats for my boys and they wore them to the Humanitarian Bowl Game - - along with their Boise State Jerseys!

Georgia Tech Mascot

Fresno Coach Pat Hill

Fresno Players with Grant, Spencer, Taylor & myself

KIZN Keep Kids Warm Online Auction

I was asked to be a "Guest Auctioneer" for KIZN's Keep Kids Warm

Over $50,000 was raised from this event

I had a great time!


Festival of the Trees!
What an amazing night! When the first tree sold for$20,000 I knew we were in for an exciting night! Marc & I attended the event with Scott & Mandi (Mrs. Idaho Director)

Go Boise Broncos!

With Mandi, my director

Marc & I

Festival Fashion Show

I was asked to Model for Mimi Marie's Boutique in the Festival Fashion Show It was a ton of fun - - not sure about the hairdo I got!!! Mandi & Debby modeled as well.

Mandi, Lauralyn & Debby

Lots of backcombing & lots of hairspray!

Mandi gets her turn in the chair


Meridian Holiday Parade

M'Kay & McCall ride on the float with me!

Jackie Walker & I with our daughters

Jackie, myself, Makaila, Jen, Peggy, Tonya & Stacie


Boise Christmas Parade Best Theme Award!!!

The Parade theme this year was "Just Believe"

Our float was Silver & White Packages that each of the ladies sat on. We all wore pink scarves and themed our float - - "Just Believe in a Cure." The Mrs. Idaho America Pageant has a partnership with Komen for the Cure. Our float was beautiful and I am so excited that we won the award for the best theme. Way to go Ladies!!!

East Valley Middle School

I posted pictures in November from when I spoke to all of the 6th graders at East Valley Middle School in Nampa. I have since returned to speak to the 7th graders and then again for the 8th graders. It was fun to share some of my experiences as Mrs. Idaho as I encouraged them to set goals and strive to "Be a Better You."

With my son Spencer and some of his friends

With Spencer & McCall