Saturday, June 9, 2007

Old Fort Boise Days

Judging at the Old Fort Boise Queen Contest

Proud to have been raised in Parma, Idaho!!!

Big Foot



Firefighter from Sandpoint, Idaho -- in Parma for a big competition

Fort Boise Replica

Sacagawea - - At the replica of Old Fort Boise

Riding the "Gator" in the Old Fort Boise Parade

My whole family!!!
(Grant, Taylor, M'Kay, Marc & Spencer - - McCall in the back)

The girls are so excited to wave and through candy!

My daughter McCall and 2 of my nieces - - Brooklyn & Kennedy

My grandma came to the parade!!!

Parma High School Cheerleaders
(I used to be one!!!)
Today was "Old Fort Boise Days!" It is one of my fondest childhood memories growing up in Parma, Idaho. In fact, I was Miss Old Fort Boise in 1986!!! So long ago!!! The event celebrates the Old Fort that once stood near Parma. It was abandoned due to Indian attacks and floods and a replica was built in town. The walls are concrete and not adobe like the original, but the new fort gives visitors the feel of the Old West. The annual Old Fort Boise Days brings visitors from across the Boise Valley. Admission is $1. The week started out on Monday with the annual Old Fort Boise Queen's contest and I had the honor of being one of the judges. The girls were great! On Saturday morning my family headed back out to Parma for the parade. Instead of a fancy gown and a sleek car, I chose to be casual and ride in my dad's John Deere Gator. My parents still live in Parma where they run a feedlot with 11,500 head of cattle. To me it seemed very fitting that I take the "farm girl" approach rather than go glam!!! It was such a fun parade. There were so many people along the parade route that I knew - - even some of my teachers!!! My oldest son chauffeured me along with my daughter and two of my nieces. My husband and three other sons rode in the other gator. I love that my family is such a huge part of this entire Mrs. Idaho experience. I try to include them in as many of my appearances as possible. Enjoy the pictures of my wonderful little hometown - - PARMA!

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