Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mother/Daughter Health & Beauty Fair

Guest Speaker at Health & Beauty Fair

Colleen Ursenbach - - Event Coordinator (and my friend!!!)

Brianna Ursenbach & Brittany Walker

Carol Driebergen - -Breast Health Specialist

On Thursday I was the guest speaker at a mother-daughter health & beauty fair for the Boise Cloverdale Ward. I spoke to them about "The seven magic keys to looking your best." Aside from outer beauty secrets, I also spoke about the inner beauty that each of us posses. My friend Colleen was in charge of the event and did a great job putting it together. After I spoke, the women had the opportunity to go around to different booths to learn about health, make-up, different hairstyles, breast cancer awareness, mental health and more. There was also a smoothie bar! It was a great night!

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