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Jackie Walker - - New Mrs. Idaho America 2008

Jackie Walker
Mrs. Idaho America 2008

Angela, Carmen, Jackie, Sonya, Debby
It has been an entire week since I crowned the Mrs. Idaho and I am just barely getting around to posting! Sorry! Jackie Walker, Mrs. Snake River, is our new Mrs. Idaho. Jackie and I competed together two years ago - - I was 2nd runner-up and she didn't make the top ten. We both went to Tucson to "Experience Mrs. America" and had a great time together. She took the next year off to have a baby (her 5th!) and I won. She was a great support to me during the last year and I am so proud of her and her accomplishment of winning this year! Congratulations Jackie!

The pageant was wonderful! All of the women were STUNNING! and anyone of them would have done a great job as Mrs. Idaho. If only there could have been 23 crowns! Marc & I hosted the pageant and we had a great time with that! I decided to pre-record my farewell instead of trying to do it live. I'm way too emotional!!! Here it is:

When my name was called as the new Mrs. Idaho America a dream came true and my once in a lifetime experience began! What started as a “Quest for the Crown” became a journey to touch the lives of other people. I am so very grateful for the many opportunities that I have had to serve the people of Idaho. It has been an honor to volunteer for Susan G. Komen, speak at a cycstic fibrosis fundraiser, float the lazy river for the Boys & Girls Club, visit pediatric patients at St. Luke’s and be a part of the once in a lifetime experience of Extreme Home Makeover. Being able to share my messages of modest dress, setting goals and being the best you to over 3000 teenagers had definitely been a highlight.

I believe that my greatest accomplishment as Mrs. Idaho has been remaining true to myself & to my standards. Representing my family and the state of Idaho at Mrs. America was a dream come true and while I didn’t win the title, I won the peace of mind in knowing that I made so many people, especially my children, proud of me. Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Tucson to support me and share in my victory as I was called to be in the top ten. I know that I had the largest and loudest cheering section.

Of course no part of this year would have been possible without the support of so many people. I especially want to thank my friends and sponsors - - many who are here tonight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donations of money, memberships, products and services. You helped me tremendously as I prepared for nationals.

To my mom & dad, thank you for raising me to be able to be the woman I am today. For 38 years you have encouraged me to set goals and then do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

Jeanette, thank you for raising a son who stands next to me in everything I do and for being a wonderful grandma to our children.

To my brothers & sisters - - I’m the only pageant girl in the family, but I appreciate you supporting me and I hope that you have been proud of what I have been able to accomplish.

Mandi - - you are amazing! I love that you love what you do. You, your mom, your sister and the rest of your staff provide a program for the married women in Idaho to shine and become all that they can be. Thank you a million times for making my year as Mrs. Idaho such a wonderful experience.

Taylor, Spencer, Grant, M’Kay & McCall ~ you are amazing children. Being your mother is the most rewarding calling that I could ever hope to have. I am so proud of each one of you and the wonderful choices you are making in your lives. Thank you for letting me miss the first day of school, a few sporting events and several home cooked meals while I fulfilled a dream of my own.

Marc, There are absolutely no words that can express how grateful I am for you. We’ve known each other since Kindergarten and you have always been someone that I look up to. I appreciate the sacrifices that you make for me and for our family and I will be forever grateful to you for encouraging me and believing in me. Thank you for being there unconditionally. I love you so much!!

Above all I’d like to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a beautiful life and for giving me talents that I have been able to share with others.

“To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” This has been my season to serve others and to represent the people of Idaho. It has been such a privilege to be a role model for women of all ages and I hope that each of us will continue to embrace and honor the strength of women. We have the power to be such an influence for good to those around us.

My year as Mrs. Idaho will forever hold a special place in my heart!

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