Monday, February 4, 2008

Mrs. Idaho America Workshop

"Most" of the contestants for Mrs. Idaho America 2008

Megan, Debby, Lauralyn, Jackie, Makaila

With Angela Boyle

Karen, Becca, Megan, Deanna, Lauralyn, Jackie, Jessica, Tommy

With La Donna

Lauralyn & Amber Wilson

(We competed together at Mrs. Idaho both years - - she is now a state sponsor!)

I have been encouraging the women to set goals throughout this experience. I had them write down three goals at the fall workshop and then I handed those back to them to review and re-evaluate. Then they again wrote down three goals and will get those back the night of the pageant. There are 20+ women who want the crown and only one will get the honor. It is my hope that everyone walks away on pageant night feeling like this was a worthwhile experience and that they did accomplish goals that they set.

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