Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCall Winter Carnival

This year's theme for the Snow Sculptures was "Wild, Wild West"

Check out the detail - - unbelievable!

Grant, M'Kay & McCall were able to go with me! They had so much fun playing in the snow.

The new Winter Carnival Queen

Eating a WARM Elephant Ear

Waving in the Snow!!!

This parade gets two thumbs up!!!

This weekend was the McCall Winter Carnival. We headed up to McCall on Friday afternoon and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Clear blue skies - - sun shining. We didn't even have to wear a coat. Then the sun went down!!! I was asked to crown the Winter Carnival Queen and her Princesses. It was a fun event - - but FREEZING! The atmosphere was really fun with lots of music, vendors and people. We got the kids a treat and then headed back to the hotel to swim and sit in the hot tub. The kids loved it. It started snowing during the night and never let up. The next morning was the parade - - I had a close to perfect hair day until the parade started. I stood out the sun roof and experienced my very first parade in a blizzard! I must admit though - - it was the best parade ever. There were so many people and they were so excited as my car drove by. Even though I ended up soaking wet with stringy hair - - I loved it!

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