Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nampa's 41st annual "Parade America"

Look at my support group!!!!

Along the parade route with McCall (Marc driving & M'Kay in front seat)

The Columbia High School Wrestlers were with me in the parade!!!


My children + one extra wreslter (Autsin Powell with sunglasses)

What's a parade without a clown!!!

McCall & I enjoying our first parade as Mrs. Idaho (and darling little miss!)

Look who was at the parade!!! McCall's best friends & our neighbors . . . Courtney, Paige & Aubrey Thueson

This morning started bright and early with our Columbia High School Wrestling Fundraiser. Marc & the boys were at the yard sale/car wash at 7:00am while McCall & I got ready for the parade. Some of the wrestlers walked the parade route with me and handed out flyers to direct people to the fundraiser. This was truly a family event since McCall got to ride with me, my wonderful husband Marc drove and my boys walked along side. It was long and a little warm - - but so fun to be in my hometown parade! Thanks Nampa!!!!

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