Monday, February 28, 2011

Mrs. Idaho America 2011


Another GREAT pageant with amazing women! What a pleasure to get to meet so many neat women from the state of Idaho. As always - - there were so many qualified to represent Idaho at the Mrs. America Pageant. Congratulations to Kristie Bear who will do a fabulous job!

Jaime, Heidi & Lauralyn

Mandi (2003), Lauralyn (2007) Heidi (2010) Jaime (2009)

Kim & Lauralyn

Karen, Angela, Lauralyn, Juliet

Lauralyn & Juliet (2005)

Lauralyn & Liz (2006)

McCall & Mom

Marc & Lauralyn

My beautiful friend Suzanne and her children

Jaime, Lauralyn, Mandi, Jackie

Our BEAUTIFUL new Mrs. Idaho 2011
Kristie Bear

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