Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mrs. Idaho America 2007

April 21, 2007 was a great night ~ Becoming Mrs. Idaho is something that I have always wanted to achieve. It was a goal even before I was married. I knew that I wanted to wait until my children were in school so that I could commit the time necessary to really be an active Mrs. Idaho. As most of you know, I competed last year and placed 2nd runner-up. I wasn't sure if I would compete again, but my boys reminded me that I always tell them to never give up and to keep trying - - I was put in my place.

Rehearsals began on Thursday. It was a really fun day (a little frustrating as we were learning the choreography for the opening number). All of the ladies are so amazing and we really had a great time together. Elizabeth Amar (Mrs. Idaho America 2006) hosted the Queen's Dinner at Johnny Carino's and boy was that delicious. I ate so much bread and dipping oil. It was a fun time to relax and just hang out with everyone. After that we went back to the hotel for a wonderful dessert bar (hello . . . swimsuit competition) We watched the slide shows of our families, and appearances as well as all of Liz's appearances. I can't believe how involved everyone was this year. What a difference we have made in our communities and throughout the state. After the slide show, we had our really fun gift exchange. Each contestant brought a gift for everyone that represents her city or herself. We got so many wonderful things - - chocolate, bath products, scrapbooks, potted flowers, bracelets, rings notepad, make-up, etc. It was so fun. Liz gave each of us a satin pillowcase with our name and title embroidered on it. Normally I would pack that away and "save" it for something special. Not this time - - I took it home and slept on it that very night. This year I took everyone a pink bag filled with Breast Cancer Awareness information and a small gift from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure office. I also gave everyone a stamp set with a beauty queen since I love to stamp and scrapbook. We were finally done around 11:00pm.

Friday arrived and we had a wonderful breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Mandi and her staff worked so hard to make this weekend really great and had gifts galore for each of us. Then, we were back at rehearsals. We continued to practice the opening number as well as costume, swimsuit, evening gown and awards. Our dressing rooms were so big this year and we all had plenty of room to get ready. (So much better than last year) We broke for dinner and then had our judge's interviews that evening. I left to go get my hair done and thought that I had plenty of time. I decided to stay at the salon to put on my make-up and gather my thoughts. When I got in the car to head back to the hotel, I realized that I had read my interview time wrong and was now really pushing it to get there on time. Plus, I wasn't dressed. I found a new talent - - I can undress, put on pantyhose, a skirt, and suit jacket all while driving down Eagle Road and the Freeway. Not really the frame of mind I wanted to be in for my interview. When I finally got there, they were running a little behind so I was fine - - WHEW. I felt like my interview went really well. The judges were personable and really easy to talk to. I think they made each of the girls feel comfortable.

Saturday morning came very early as we were to be at rehearsals again at 8:00 am. We worked really hard all day and it was fun to see things starting to come together. Our husbands arrived at 3:00 pm to rehearse evening gown with us. It was so nice to have that support. Everyone was busy downstairs getting their hair and make-up done. I had nerves throughout the day, but by the evening I was really calm and knew that whatever was meant to happen would happen. Finally, it was SHOWTIME. The opening number went great. I made a couple of mistakes but hopefully they weren't too obvious. Then it was costume time. It was so fun to see everyone's creativity. My costume was the same as last year - - a Boise State Football Player. Love those Broncos. Swimsuit was next and let me tell you how amazing everyone looked. Holy Cow. Idaho has some great looking women. Evening Gown soon followed and I must admit that I got a little emotional when I walked onto that stage and saw my handsome husband Marc. Winning his heart is such a much bigger prize than a crown. I am forever grateful for someone who loves and supports me unconditionally.

The big announcement - - First came the top 10. I was number 9 - - Whew Then came the top 5 and I was . . . Yup ~ You guessed it, number 5 - - HUGE WHEW. The on stage question is my scariest part of a pageant. I was asked "What is your favorite thing about Idaho?" I answered, "Aside from the Boise State Broncos, it would have to be the people." etc., etc., etc. Every single contestant did a really good job with their questions.

I haven't mentioned that at this point my feet have gone from sore to killing me to almost numb now. We are all behind the curtain while Elizabeth gives her farewell and takes her final walk. Susan and Carmen make sure that all of our trains are fanned out and that we are looking our best for the final moment. The curtain goes up, awards start to go out and we are now down to the end. I keep waiting to hear my name called out as a runner-up and before I know it I am standing in the center of the stage with Suzanne Buchanan. She is incredible and I am so proud of her - - it was her very first pageant!!! And the first runner-up is . . . Mrs. Blaine County - -the new Mrs. Idaho America 2007 is Mrs. Nampa, Lauralyn Salinas. Oh My Gosh I honestly could not believe that I had won. A dream that had been just that for so many years was finally a reality.

After lots of tears, pictures and hugs, it was time to go home. My kids were so excited for me and wanted to stay up to look at all of the prizes. I have such an awesome family. The weekend ended at 2:30am when we finally got to bed.

Thank you so much to my wonderful family & friends who came to support me. It was so nice to hear you cheer and know that you were behind me all the way.

I am looking forward to a great year

Lauralyn Salinas
Mrs. Idaho America 2007

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Glen said...

Lauralyn, I am so proud of you!!!! Congratulations, You did such a great job. I am sorry I couldn't be there in person to watch you being crowned, but my sister and brother-in-law from New Jersey were in town and we were up at the cabin in Donnelly. I knew at your last consulting lesson that you were ready to be crowned. You had conquered all the polishing points and you were ready to be Mrs. Idaho America. You did a great job. Once again Congratulations! I love ya, talk to you soon.
Diane Weible
P.S. When you get your autograph cards I would like one for my pageant consulting room. You made it on the WALL!!!!! :-)